Fashion Week Minnesota

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Model: Victoria Gokee, Ojibwe.
Model: Victoria Gokee, Ojibwe.

September 14th 2021 indigenous designers from across turtle island were invited to attend fashion week minnesota in Minneapolis at the Lynn hall.

I was very honoured to be one of the first indigenous designers to attend fashion week Minnesota. Hiyhiy (thank you) to my mentor Delina White of IAmAnishinaabe For formally inviting me to be apart of my very first fashion show. At first I was very nervous because I have never done anything like this before, I have been apart of fashion shows before in my home community in pigeon lake and I modelled for delina prior to doing my first runway show as a designer, I am looking forward to doing more runway shows because after this I believe I found my true passion. As a young girl I use to play dress up with my cousins and I would use my grandmother and aunties scrap fabric to create clothing and we would have runway shows in our front yard and it gradually manifested into an everyday job and hobby for me to create clothing, jewellery and accessories for indigenous and non indigenous folks to enjoy and to feel beautiful and confident in. Everyday we are reclaiming our identity and our strength as indigenous people through fashion, clothing and jewellery. When we dress up and wear our traditional native designs we are showing everyone that we are still here. I am so grateful for indigenous designers before me who have been paving the way for the younger generation like myself. 
Model: Sage Davis, Leech Lake Ojibwe.

Model: Amari Lorocque, Turtle Mountain Chippewa. 

Model: Nookwakwii (Snowy) White, Leech Lake Ojibwe.

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