Spring Collection 2022

Miyoskamin (spring) is a time for growth and nurturing not only to ourselves but to Mother Earth. 
as indigenous peoples it is our duty and our inherent right to take care of Mother Earth because she is our home. 
this collection was inspired by just that, all the Nehiyaw (cree) florals represent growth and nurturing. It is important that we grow in all aspects of our lives and well being, and by doing that we must nurture ourselves by self care. 

i also added many elements within my designs such as “Achakos” the stars. Initially I designed my whole collection based on the native starlight theme that was held in Minneapolis Minnesota…but when I was designing I was inspired by so many stories and then my designs were born. It’s important for us as indigenous people to sit and listen to our elders because they hold the knowledge and wisdom that we need in order to connect with ourselves and our ancestors and the true being of who we are. During the designing process of this collection I sat with  elders and listened to our ancient achakowak acimowin (star stories) One of my favourite star stories is about the Big Dipper and in this collection you will find hidden constellations that hold great meaning to us as indigenous people. 

This collection is inspired by the stars, the star stories, spring time, growth and nurturing.


i hope you enjoy my spring 2022 collection,

sincerely yours