Collection: Totamowin nisakihitan collection

I’ve been thinking of a name to call my new collection and I’ve decided to call it “totamowin nisakihitan” it means “i love what I do” in cree language.

I’ve been working very hard on every single piece, and I’ve always been told by my grandparents to create with a good mind and a good heart and that’s exactly what i did, I’ve put a lot of love into every single piece and I hope you can see it through my work. Also the month of February is known as the month of love so it’s perfect!

43 products
  • Black Robe
  • Lavender Floral Facemask
  • Lavender Nehiyaw Floral Scarf
  • Black Floral Face Mask
  • Tanned Hide Nehiyaw Floral Scarf
  • Unisex Red Nehiyaw Floral Tee (Short Sleeve)
  • Black Nehiyaw Floral Scarf
  • Tanned Hide Robe
  • Black Tote Bag
  • Black Wrap Around Skirt
  • Tanned Hide Face Mask
  • Black Nehiyaw Floral Tee (Long Sleeve)
  • Red Nehiyaw Floral Tee (Long Sleeve)
  • Unisex White Nehiyaw Floral Tee (Short Sleeve)
  • Black Nehiyaw Floral Makeup Bag
  • Mihko Nehiyaw Floral Scarf